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Welcome to FSE Listings, Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings: We are a South African and European consulting firm that provides financial related services to both public and private corporations. Since 2000, we have been offering our American, Australian, Chinese, Canadian and British clients a wide range of financial services and creative IR strategies throughout Europe.

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Offshore Bank for Sale – Cash Offers Only – Broker Dealer For Sale

Thursday, September 12, 2013 @ 04:09 PM
posted by admin

We own an Offshore Bank and Broker Dealer started in 2012 with corresponding Banks, an ISIN, Telex, Swift capabilities, depository accounts, trading accounts as a Broker Dealer, as a Class B Bank.

The Bank can operate as a broker dealer, an investment Bank, an underwriter, a custodian, Forex Trading accounts, all services you would expect from a Bank. The Bank has underwriten bond offerings, securities, and registrations within London, Europe, and Africa in general, and has been accepted as such.

Cash Offers are being accepted up until 12 am October 1 of which the buyer will be chosen, or the first buyer to accept our offering price. Therefore, if you are interested, contact us immediately.

Contact for more information about this offer.


There are very few Safe Keeping Receipt companies that can work with individual and corporate assets as it is limited to Banks and Financial institutions. There is only one group we know of who has issued and secured Safe Keeping Receipts for our clients, which is Basically if your company needs funds quickly on an international project, you may be able to cash in your safe keeping receipt or have one issued on the assets of the project.

In several cases where we have been involved with producing Bonds for clients for financing oil projects and emerging market financing, we have used the assets of companies as collateral within a trust. This concept therefore was not foreign to our staff when we began referring clients for a safe keeping receipt. Especially when some of our financial bond holders had created a safe keeping receipt (SKR) for the bonds we actually constructed. Basically by using proof of ownership of valuable assets as collateral, one can get a loan.

However, this proof can sometimes be requested in the form of a receipt from an institution called a SKR.

Your Safe Keeping Receipt can be issued by a bank, depository, or other financial institution (who hold your valuables, securities, commodities, land titles, gems, coins, whatever it may be securely in the institution. This is done without giving up control, its proof of the asset and security of it.)

You enter into a loan, bond, or agreement to monetize the assets via a loan, such as a medium term note, bond, etc. (You remain the owner of the assets unless you default on the loan.)

What types of assets can make SKR’s?

  • securities
  • real estate holdings
  • shares, bonds, stocks, or deeds
  • mining licenses
  • oil ownership
  • metals
  • gemstones
  • etc

The owner of a SKR may monetize this instrument much like a SBLC, Bond or BG and use these funds as an alternative funding source for projects. SKR’s are issued with an ISIN/SEDOL code and can be verified in the London Stock Exchange – SEDOL screen as well as having the capability of SWIFT Transfers.

The next important aspect is the marketability of the SKR, as their SKR’s are issued with an ISIN/SEDOL code and can be verified in the London Stock Exchange – SEDOL screen as well as having the capability of SWIFT Transfers. Once monetized usually for a term of 1 year and 1 day unless otherwise agreed upon, the safekeeping receipt is then pledge to the monetizing entity.

With these very crucial points in place, monetizing your safekeeping receipt can be a safe transaction because in most circumstances, you don’t move your asset or give up control (as it is held by a Fiduciary in Safekeeping).

In order for you to build a safe keeping receipt, you should contact or email or call at +447024039778.

SKR providers, Safe Keeping Receipt issuers, SKR monetization and other articles and guides are available on request.


At present we have available a public company shell corporation which is OTC listed on the GXG Markets for sale for 100,000 GBP or best offer.

The Company is a UK corporation with filed audited financials, over 1 year in age, perfect for listing and beginning to trade your shares. The company due to its aged audited status also qualifies for upgrading to the London Stock Exchange and or other European markets.

The GXG Markets has had over 100 companies listed on the stock exchange with a current 91 companies listed. The rules as of July 1st 2013 have made it more difficult for companies to list, raising the standard and quality of their exchange. This shell corporation which is listed and tradable on the exchange is liked worth 150,000 to 200,000 GBP with the new regulations going into place in July which will make it more difficult for companies to list shell companies.

The Company for sale is in the market of software and internet but can be changed.


–          UK Company (PLC)

–          Over 100 million shares issued (100% deliverable)

–          Shares held in electronic form to be transferred to your brokerage account in the transaction

–          Audited and certified with no liabilities from the Director

–          All shares over 1 year old and issued

With the current boom in IT and Technology, this vehicle is a perfect IPO or public listing for a growing and successful IT business.

Contact us to discuss at or +19146133889


As per the last year 2012 recommendations posted, this year’s numbers are in for all entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, auditors, broker dealers, and investors to consider. Based on the first year of operations of the GXG Markets, with the success of attracting new companies, the new Exchange has shown maturity and the ability to grow in number of advisors and listings on the Exchange. However, the GXG Markets has failed to attract investors, volume, or credibility as the Berlin Stock Exchange, Frankfurt, and other European markets do not recognize their OTC Markets. This leaves the GXG Market with a solitary trading platform for retail capital raising. This is effective when you work with a single broker listing your firm, sponsoring your firm, trading your shares, and managing your registrar, such as, who we believe as a third party is a leading firm to work with for GXG Markets for listings.

On the other hand, African companies, Australian Companies, Canadian Companies, UK Companies, Chinese Companies, Malaysian Companies, and German firms going public in Europe and raising money have seen great success on the London Stock Exchange Standard, AIM, Frankfurt Entry Standard, NYSE, Irish Stock Exchange, Polish Stock Exchange (KOSPI).

Therefore the markets rated this year for the best stock exchanges to list on in Europe are:

  1. London Stock Exchange Standard
  2. London Stock Exchange AIM
  3. NYSE Europe Stock Exchange
  4. Frankfurt Entry Standard
  5. Irish Stock Exchange
  6. Berlin Stock Exchange
  7. Stuttgart Stock Exchange
  8. Polish Stock Exchange (KOSPI)
  9. Switzerland
  10. Vienna

The Frankfurt First Quotation of course is no longer on the list and thus has been replaced by the Frankfurt Entry Standard. The GXG Markets because of it no longer being recognized by Berlin for dual listings has fallen off the list due to retail maturity not existing within the market at this time.

The GXG Markets is still an excellent choice for listing as a start-up company, however, you need to work with a group of professional market makers such as RST Capital ( to get the most value from your listing. The GXG requires by the nature and design of the software, that you work with a knowledgeable single licensed broker dealer such as RST to execute trades, build market maturity, and drive interest to your firm. This can only be achieved by an experienced and official broker dealer of the GXG Markets such as RST Capital.

If you are looking to list on one of the top 10 stock exchanges for raising capital and trading, IFXBG can assist on listing your firms on the London Stock Exchange, NYSE, Frankfurt, Berlin, Stuttgart, and other like markets. Contact if you would like to list on one of the top 10 markets. IFXBG is an officially recognized and licensed firm regulated by the UK FSA, the Spanish CMNV, the Luxembourg CSSF, and various other international markets.


Berlin Stock Exchange Decides to NOT accept GXG Markets as of March 15th 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 @ 04:03 PM
posted by admin


For Immediate Release

March 20th 2013

In correspondence to IFXBG Limited, we have confirmed for all clients and markets that the Berlin Stock Exchange does not and will not dual list firms into Germany from GXG Main Quote. Therefore, First Quote and MTF Markets which are “exchange” regulated by GXG are not recognized. A similar letter has been received and reviewed for the Frankfurt markets. Therefore, the GXG Markets does not have retail presence within Germany at this time through dual listings or within the UK and is a singular market based on the efforts of the Exchange alone.

If you were considering listing your firm on the GXG Markets to obtain a Berlin or Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing, there are many different methods of getting to the German and or main board European markets. Our team can assist upgrading your firm to London Stock Exchange, AIM, New York Stock Exchange, Irish Stock Exchange, and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. (We do not recommend Bermuda Stock Exchange or Cayman Stock Exchange as the reputation of these markets will lead to delisting in Europe upon trading most likely due to the advisors “offering” methods in that arena.)

If you have listed on the GXG and find yourself unable to dual list and stuck in the situation, let us produce a solution for up-listing your firm. We are a registered EU and UK FSA broker dealer. Our firm has the ability to list your firm on the upper markets and perform the necessary due diligence and documentation directly that you cannot get from other Swiss, Canadian, and unlicensed advisors. As a Licensed Advisor in the UK, Spain, and EU, we can put your firm on the leading and highest trading stock markets in Europe.

In addition, as of this month of March, our firm has built and placed bonds that have secured over 100 million euro in growth for private and public client companies. We can assist in building an upgrading strategy for your firm and fully finance firms where applicable and subject to assets and cash flow analysis by our third party valuation team. In addition, with a valuation in place, it is much easier to move onto a highly respected market in Europe.

Contact us today,

IFXBG Limited

IFXBG Limited is a leading listing and advisory firm globally having a consortium of business interests that have listed 1,000s of firms on the GXG Markets, London Markets, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Berlin Stock Exchange, Stuttgart, OTCBB, Nasdaq, and many more. As the lead advisor who listed the most firms to date on new markets like GXG and Frankfurt, we analyze and pick the best markets for raising capital. Our UK and Spanish based offices allow for easy access to trained professionals who can work closely with all of the requirements of your firm for capital raising, valuation, and listing.

(This release may not be reproduced in part or in total and remains the property of IFXBG SA. Any copying or duplication of this letter will result in an immediate replication and republishing fee of $100,000 USD and by republishing this article or press release you agree to these terms. If you are a member of press and would like to republish, please contact us for permission.)


For Immediate Release

(Special Message: If you are looking to list on the GXG Markets UK, the best broker dealer to contact is RST Capital, or email Effective immediately, IFXBG will send all listings to RST Capital for the GXG Markets.)

For Immediate Release March 18th 2013. On 6th February 2013 IFXBG Limited was issued with a notice that their membership of the GXG exchange had been suspended pending a review by GXG Markets’ Regulatory Team.

During the review process, IFXBG Limited asked for assurances related to the status of the GXG Markets as having been passported into the UK, that the sophisticated investor stock exchange “GXG First Quote” has sufficient safeguards to ensure the investors within the First Quote where “sophisticated” under UK Law and EU, and that these items of which IFXBG had been operating under in good faith of GXG representations be confirmed. GXG Markets First Quote operates as a UK unregulated stock exchange under the auspice of a sophisticated investor market.

Without the assurances, and the recent decline of registrars within the UK to work with GXG companies, IFXBG Limited has decided that GXG Firms are not the profile of firms or exchange for IFXBG Limited to be working directly with in the UK Markets.

IFXBG Limited has therefore withdrawn membership on the advice of our UK compliance which has been accepted by the GXG Markets on this basis.

All IFXBG clients sponsored on the Exchange have been given 30 days’ notice to sign-up with RST Capital or find another sponsoring broker dealer.

IFXBG Limited is no longer a member of the GXG Markets, and has been terminated effective immediately by IFXBG Limited.

Compliance Department

IFXBG Limited

If you are looking to list your firm on the GXG Markets, please contact RST Capital, RST Capital is the exclusive broker dealer working with IFXBG to assist clients interested in going public on the GXG Markets.

IFXBG Limited will assist your firm to upgrade to London Stock Exchange, Frankfurt, New York Stock Exchange, Irish Stock Exchange, and various African Stock Exchanges as designated by license. Contact IFXBG at if you would like to list on a regulated high volume market in 30 days.


Upgrade your GXG Listing to a full London Stock Exchange Listing!

Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 08:02 AM
posted by admin

The GXG Markets First Quote has been an interesting stepping stone for equity for new SME firms, however, the platform that remains the leading exchange and trading platform within the UK is the London Stock Exchange.

Recently, many firms have been enticed to upgrade to the GXG MTF or MAIN quotation, which is recognized on the Berlin Exchange (Not the Frankfurt Stock Exchange)

Moving to the MTF Markets is a simple 7,500 GBP Information Memorandum developed by IFXBG ( and for dual listing on Berlin, only 3,000 euro. It is a cheap method to utilize IFXBG to dual list onto the Berlin, but we believe the market is still more suitable on the London Stock Exchange.

As one of the leading listing consortiums on the GXG, IFXBG has acted as advisor to list the largest number of firms, however, the GXG markets is still in its early stages. The trading platform from a broker to broker market versus clearing system has made trading cumbersome and for firms who would like “high volume” trading, the London Stock Exchange Listings are a superior choice. As a member firm with access to the application and uploading of prospectus documents and listings on the London Stock Exchange, IFXBG can appropriately move companies from the GXG First Quote and onto the London Stock Exchange.

The London Stock Exchange provides a venue for attracting:

– Canadian investors as a linked exchange with many TSX listings and investors
– US Investors, especially institutional who CAN trade the exchange, unlike the current GXG markets where there are no US platforms actively running at this time for the exception of offshore firms
– German investors, especially since LSE can be dual listed into Berlin AND Frankfurt
– Asian Investors who’s platforms trade the LSE and recognized the London Stock Exchange as the “leading exchange” in London

We believe as advisors, the next best step for your firm is to use IFXBG to list onto the London Stock Exchange immediately, this process can take 4 – 8 weeks for prepared companies. The fees are close to the same one would expect from moving up to the regulated markets in the GXG or other such exchanges, but the results are often better.

For the best advice on international stock exchanges, global stock exchanges, and investment, contact info@ifxbg.comtoday.

Listing Fees of our firm for comparison to others:
GXG Listings – 15,000 – 25,000
London Stock Exchange Listings – 20,000 to 100,000 depending on market capitalization
Information Memorandums – 7,500 GBP
Prospectus Documents – 15,000 GBP
Berlin Dual Listings – 3,000 euro
Frankfurt Dual Listings – 5,000 euro

We are the leaders in listing companies on OTC Markets, Quotation Boards, and Entry Level Stock Exchanges! Don’t hesitate and get the best advice possible today!

IFXBG can successfully assist in listing firms on the Frankfurt Exchange, London Exchange, GXG, OTC, JSE, TSX, CIS, BSE, and several more exchanges as professional advisors! We are awaiting your questions and give free evaluations of suitability for all Exchanges.


TSX Dual Listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Saturday, January 5, 2013 @ 09:01 AM
posted by admin

FSE Listings have always been popular within Canada and Toronto Stock Exchange Listings, especially dual listings of TSX listed firms which still remains popular.

Dual Listing a TSX Company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange:
•Increases the retail market and trading of the company
•Gives offshore investors in Germany, UK, Asia, and globally with Frankfurt the chance to trade on their local markets and through local brokerage houses
•To perform marketing of the TSX company outside of Canada where the companies market may have full saturation or limitations
•Ability to perform roadshows to investor groups that have interest in Frankfurt Listed and Deutsche Bourse listed firms

Dual Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The best way to list a firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is via a consultancy who can also perform marketing and advisory services after the listing of your firm.

Often people rely on fly by night firms that started by listing companies on the OTCBB and now list firms on Frankfur or try to. Don’t make the mistake of using firm within the Toronto or the UK who claim to have experience listing firms, when you can work with a professional firm such as FSE Listings Inc who has listed 100s of firms since 1995 with the a 100% track record of which our clients get a Guarantee! Our team of consultants such as Charles Van Musscher, have been active within the Canadian markets for over a decade and have dual listed more firms than any other dual listing consultant in Canada.

Companies from Canada should contact us first, trust us when we say the other guys don’t know what they are talking about.

Contact and ask about your options for listing your TSX Company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Contact us for a free evaluation of your firms qualifications.

Listing Timeframe and Costs
•Listing in one week
•Cost is under 5,000 euro

FSE Listings


GXG Markets: 62 GXG Stock Exchange Listings, Lead Broker still IFXBG Limited

Monday, December 17, 2012 @ 01:12 AM
posted by admin

Having personally reviewed all 62 companies listed on the GXG Market, and having listed and filed or worked with over 25% of the exchange, IFXBG Limited is one of the foremost experts on the GXG Markets. (PDF Of GXG UK Post: GXG Markets List 62 Companies

The reality is a stock exchange listing on the UK Markets is a global opportunity. We have seen firms listed within:

– Film Funding and Entertainment
– Software/Mobile Applications
– Transport
– Gold Mining
– Oil and Gas
– Alternative Energy
– Telecommunications
– Investment and Financial Services
– Medical Devices and Systems/Health
– Industrial Corporations
– Land and Real Estate (REIT)
– Gambling
– Bonds and Debt Financing

The GXG Listings are diverse and from several Countries. Some of the Countries that have listed on the GXG Markets include:

– UK GXG exchange listings
– Canada GXG exchange listings
– US GXG exchange listings
– Bulgaria exchange listings
– British Virgin Island exchange listings
– Greece GXG exchange listings
– China GXG exchange listings
– South Africa GXG exchange listings
– Ireland GXG exchange listings
– Swedish GXG exchange listings
– Denmark GXG exchange listings
– USA GXG exchange listings
– UAE GXG exchange listings
– Australian GXG exchange listings
– New Zealand GXG exchange listings
– Germany GXG exchange listings

IFXBG and Partners

IFXBG Limited can assist firms to set-up their share structure on the GXG Stock Exchange, commence trading, enable market making services and utilize one of the leading stock trading platforms in the World for trading “GXG Market” shares for global citizens, including Canadians and Americans.
¦Assists your company in achieving your goals for international exposure and trading
¦We provide a new market solution for clients; focused on growth companies
¦Assists companies at the seed capital, pre-IPO & IPO growth stages of their development
¦Access to brokers and professional and private investors
¦Access to international investors (UK, Germany, Australia, Asia, Africa, US, Canada)
¦Cost effective public quotation for your company going public
¦A fully functional brokerage trading platform for shareholders to lodge and trade GXG shares (Residual, CREST, Euroclear, Clearstream)
¦A fully functional Registrar for the UK and European Markets
¦Experts and available legal services for prospectus writing, Information and Investment Memorandums, Offering Memorandums, Filings, and Corporate Secretary Services

IFXBG Limited has listed over 20% of the GXG Markets. If you are going to list with the leader of the GXG Markets, you should contact IFXBG can list your firm in 10 days on the OTC Markets.

The GXG Markets

A European Regulated market under the supervision of the Danish Supervisory Authorities
Offering a multi-tier market; Regulated, Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) and First-Quote/OTC.
Lean, simple and adapted admission process
Proprietary trading system with automatic matching of bids to deals
50+ broker firm connected to the trading system
Connected market data vendors distributing prices and news (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, ProInvestor, etc.)
GXG Markets website presenting company data and prices
Possibility to be quoted in different currencies

The best chance of success on the GXG Markets is with IFXBG Limited! Contact


Due to the closure of the First Quotation Board in its current form, several hundred FSE Listings will be delisted Saturday December 15th 2012, therefore this coming Monday the 17th the firms will likely all be delisted if they have not filed a prospectus document. You will see book trading by market makers on Friday December 14th, but the trading is not reflective of the market.

If your firm requires a prospectus document, they range from 15,000 to 50,000 GBP. If you contact we can organize the lowest cost prospectus documents within the market through our Broker Dealer.

Many firms have been going to IFXBG Limited ( the firm with the most listings on the Global Stock Exchange (GXG Markets) to list their firm. Listing of the firm on the GXG Markets for Frankfurt Listings have special pricing through IFXBG which is lower than any other Broker in the market. We suggest contacting and asking for a price quote to list on the GXG markets your FSE Listing.

Following close collaboration between Deutsche Börse, the stock exchange regulator of the state of Hesse and the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) and consultation with market participants, the First Quotation Board in its current form will be closed on 15 December 2012.

The GXG Markets will only be taking new admissions up to Monday December 17th 2012, which leaves a large gap between Dec. 17th and January 4th of which they will not be listing companies. If your firm urgently needs to list on the GXG Markets, there are 12 GXG shells within the market who are looking to sell their public vehicles. We can introduce you to these new shells, contact for a full shell company directory and options. Buying a GXG Shell may be the only way for you to list on the GXG Markets before the new year. A GXG Listing for Frankfurt listed companies is as low as 18,000 GBP, contact us to find out why.
The last trading day for Frankfurt listed companies without a prospectus and who do not meet the new entry standard regulations is Friday Dec. 14th 2012.

We highly recommend putting a market announcement out if you intend on moving to the GXG markets, as your company will soon no longer be quoted on financial websites if you are delisted. Firms who have been listed on the Berlin Stock Exchange and Stuttgart will also be terminated if they were dual listed from Frankfurt. Unfortunately, many of the German Market makers and Listing Partners misled Frankfurt listing companies into believing that if they were listed on the Berlin Stock Exchange and Stuttgart that they would remain listed when the Frankfurt closed. This is not the case, your firm will be delisted. We highly recommend working with an honest and successful listing firm on the GXG markets such as the International Financial Exchange and Banking Group. IFXBG owns a UK FSA regulated broker, a Luxembourg CSSF regulated Securitization Company and Bond formation firm, an African Bank, and over 50 consulting offices and agents globally.

In addition, if you were a consultant of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and want to become a consultant for the GXG markets, you should join IFXBG as an authorized intermediary for listing your companies, valuations, prospectus documents, and capital.

GXG Markets Listings

IFXBG is the only company you should use to list on the GXG Markets, contact us to find out why!